Email Analysis – Traeger Grills Welcome Email

Let’s start out with an email I just recently received from the fine folks at Traeger Grills.

Traeger Grills Welcome Email

For those not familiar, Traeger makes these awesome wood pellet burning grills.  They come in all shapes and sizes to help you grill and smoke all sorts of meats to your heart’s content.

I was happy to see the first email from Traeger be something simple and easy.  It stays on brand and gives you immediate access to the company’s vast library to get you cookin’.

That said, I did find the immediate sales pitch to be a bit of a bummer.  I already purchased a grill (albeit offline at a Costco instead of direct through the company), so when I received my first email from them, I wanted it to be really focused on getting to know my grill.

The Welcome Email Series is the ideal time to get new customers jazzed about their new grill.  Instead of immediately asking me to buy another grill, point me to some easy recipes to get me started with a successful first cook.

I do get though that there are going to be lots of people signing up for these emails where you do want to hit them with a sales offer.  The best solution – break your list up between people who own grills and people who don’t.  That way you’re sending more targeted and relevant messaging.  This is a challenge in an omnichannel environment, but the fact that I did buy it from a Traeger rep at Costco who took my email address to get me registered, tells me that it is possible.

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