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Today’s email comes from the folks over at The focus of the email is pushing an extra 10% savings on cases of wine (pretty sweet deal in my opinion). Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got:

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Subject Line and Visible Text grabs our attention with a subject line that reads “Sale on Sale! Extra Case Discount + Our Biggest Savings List”. Ok, so we have a few messages here. First, we have “Sale on Sale!”. I’m guessing this is a play on the whole “Stacks on Stacks on Stacks” phrase used by the kids today (I assume they’re still using it anyway…). Given the audience, I’m not crazy about it, but it is what it is.

Moving on, we get “Extra Case Discount + Our Biggest Savings List”. They’re giving an extra 10% off their standard case discount so that makes sense, but “Our Biggest Savings List” is a bit of a clunker. The subject line efficiently uses every available character, but the message is a bit much. Focusing on the primary offer (the extra case discount) should be enough to entice an open without pushing the clearance sale on top of it.

In terms of the visible text, it is exactly what it should be. “10% off 12 Bottles*. Code SEPTCASE10”. I love this. Putting the code in the teaser text might hurt open rates a little, but the goal for an email like this is always going to be revenue. Get the code into the head of the reader as soon as possible so they don’t have to put any effort into finding the code.

Email Body Content

The body of the email is fine. It isn’t great, but it gets the job done. I really would have liked to see more powerful images for the featured categories, as the images they used look very “stock photo”.

The featured products are fine, but you’re likely going to lose some people by featuring “WS 94”, “JS 96” and the like. I drink a lot of wine, so I know that “WS” means “Wine Spectator” and “94” is the ranking, but if you aren’t in the know, it would be pretty meaningless. I had to look up “JS”, because I didn’t connect it with James Suckling.

I also found the price layout to be a bit not to my taste. Having some prices without cents and other prices with cents is just a pet peeve of mine (as it feels inconsistent). The lack of consistent sizes for the wine labels also made the email feel a bit rushed.

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