Email Analysis – TripAdvisor (Abandonment)

Today’s email comes from the folks over at and is a perfect example of how abandonment emails work. Ok, technically it isn’t a true cart abandon, but it was sent as a result of my browsing through things to do in La Jolla (as I’ll be heading there in a couple months for a little vacation).

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Subject Line and Visible Text

The subject line “There’s a lot going on in La Jolla” works quite nicely. It is a clear callback to my browsing history as I was specifically searching for things to do in La Jolla on my last visit to TripAdvisor. It reminds me why I was visiting the site without being overly creepy or pushy (as abandonment emails can sometimes carry a bit of a “we’re watching you” creep factor).

The visible teaser text works for the most part as well. By stating “Wait, there’s still more to do in La Jolla”, it supports the previous browser session. The only significant issue I had with the visible text was the second half – “TripAdvisor Check out what else you can do in La Jolla Di…”. The back half of the message is repetitive and disjointed. The message also gets truncated, as there were too many characters for Gmail to handle. This is a pretty common problem for automated emails, as the number of characters is going to change based on the subject of the email (as a human isn’t writing and reviewing automated visible text). It’s fine, but it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Email Body Content

The email body is solid. Rather than overwhelming the reader with tons of different excursions, TripAdvisor only shows me four options. This is more than enough, as they also include a handy “explore more” button if they didn’t select featured excursions that I’d be interested in. I was surprised to see that they chose to only feature one of the options that I had actually visited. I looked at the cave kayaking, but the other three were completely new to me.

In terms of copy and layout, both were fine. The email was short and to the point and each of the featured items included nice images, some teaser text and a community rating.

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