Email Analysis – Traeger BBQ Chili Burger (Engagement)

Today we’re taking a break from the standard sales emails to look at the importance of customer engagement and retention. We go back to the fine folks at Traeger Grills for a fine example of how a company can use content to build customer loyalty, engagement and retention.

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Subject Line and Visible Text

Traeger does a nice job with creating a simple subject line that simply states “BBQ Chili Burger”. The visible teaser text provides support with the line “View This Week’s Recipes”.

That being said, I do feel that Traeger left a little meat on the bone here. A short simple subject line and visible text can actually help an email stand out in the Inbox, but by not stating the fact that the email was a recipe in the subject line, it becomes vital that the reader see and digest the teaser (something that does not always happen). Perhaps a subject line of “BBQ Chili Burger Recipe” with a teaser of “Plus, Perfect Baked Beans + Mac & Cheese” would deliver a clearer message.

Email Body Content

As always, Traeger does an amazing job with their visuals. The burger image looks delicious, as do the sides. All the images are both aspirational and attainable. The copy sells both the quality of the recipe and the ease of cooking these dishes.

In addition, while the email itself is not a traditional sales pitch, they do a nice job of reminding the customer to use Hickory pellets while providing the reader a quick link directly to the product page and the dealer locator page.

Finally, once the reader clicks to the recipe, the recipe page follows through with links to supporting products that Traeger sells. The burger recipe page has a link to the Traeger Beef Rub, giving customers another way to spend money from an email that does not outwardly push sales on the reader.

While picking up some revenue through these types of passive sales links is important, what is key with this email is customer retention. Traeger provides their customers with thousands of recipes and cooking ideas. This is a huge part of building both loyalty and community with customers (not to mention the importance of living content libraries for Ecommerce sites from an SEO perspective).

Overall, this is just a perfect example of using email to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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