Email Analysis – Sur La Table Savor Summer

First off, let me say that I’m a fan of Sur La Table. I like their products and I love their emails. Their emails are always very much on brand in terms of look, feel and theme. A perfect example of this came in today’s emails:

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Subject Line and Visible Text

Sur La Table makes excellent use of both the subject line and visible text here. The title, “6 Sizzling Ways to Savor Summer” has a fun alliteration that doesn’t feel obnoxious. The visible text, “Up to 60% off Scanpan, Vitamix, Miyabi and more” fits nicely in the teaser text area and sets a clear expectation for the reader and what they should expect to find in the email.

Email Body Content

The body of the email delivers on the promise of the subject line and teaser text. The company offers six different items on sale and included products from the three brands that were mentioned in the teaser.

The best thing about Sur La Table emails however is always the way that they use their photographs and imagery from an aspirational perspective. The Sur La Table customer sees themselves as more than just a home cook. They are people who love to cook and they love food. Look at the first product featured in the email as an example of this:

Rather than simply showing a boring pan, they present a beautiful set of scallops cooking in the pan surrounded by other herbs and kitchen accessories. The image is something that the Sur La Table customer would likely aspire to create.

The company does this with the vast majority of their products and by doing so demonstrates the key difference between their brand and other stores that might sell similar products. You might be able to find this pan elsewhere, but the image evokes positive emotions for the brand, thus increasing the likelihood that the customer will buy from Sur La Table.

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