Email Analysis – Chubbies This. Ends. Now.

Ah, good old Chubbies. This is probably one of my favorite companies to talk about from an email perspective. I’m not alone when it comes to loving this brand, as most email marketers are very aware of just how awesome these guys are at email.

For those who haven’t ever heard of the brand, they make shorts, trunks and shirts for the very, very casual guy. Their clothes are very casual and a bit obnoxious, which makes perfect sense when you check out any of their branding or promotional pieces. Their Back to School Sale email is a perfect example of this:

(click to enlarge)

Subject Line and Visible Text

As expected, the subject line is all sorts of obnoxious, using all caps and stating “THIS. ENDS. NOW”. Usually when I see all caps, I want to run screaming, but this is so very on brand that they not only can get away with it, but it works perfectly. In addition, they do a great job using the visible text to support the subject line.

The visible text displays as “well…kinda sorta. it ends VERY SOON. OKAY. DON’T MAKE ME RAISE MY VOICE AGAIN.”

It is self-aware in a very Deadpool sort of way and if you’re a fan of this sort of humor, it will give you a chuckle. If you’re not, that’s ok, as the style of clothes they sell likely won’t be your taste either.

Email Body Content

As with everything that is Chubbies, if you look at the layout of the email without knowing the brand, it looks awful. The fonts are ugly, the animated image is seizure inducing and the calls to action feel a bit lazy. That however, is the point. The layout, the copy, the images, everything about this email is 100% on brand. I mean seriously, take a look at their swimsuit model for their “Neon Lights” trunks:

(photo credit: Chubbies Inc.)

I really wish more companies would embrace their brand and customer base the way Chubbies does. The level of authenticity is through the roof.

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