Email Analysis – Box Lunch D23 Edition

Today’s email comes from the folks over at Box Lunch. For those not familiar with the company, they sell all sorts of pop culture based t-shirts. With yesterday’s D23 kickoff, it makes perfect sense for the company to send out a promo email featuring some sweet Disney swag.

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Subject Line and Visible Text

Title: Your D23 Expo checklist ☑️

Visible Text: Plus free shipping with your $75+ purchase. View in Browser.

While I’m not a fan of using emojis in the subject line (as it is really overdone), in this case it works. The subject speaks to a topic that Box Lunch shoppers would have interest in and the emoji supports the “checklist” copy in the subject. That being said, I don’t like the fact that the subject line positions the email as a content piece (a “checklist” for the expo) when it really is more of a shopping list.

The visible text is fine, as it promotes the Free Shipping offer, however the “View in Browser” portion is a bit of a miss, as it should not have been included in the teaser text. There are probably better ways to use those extra 20 characters.

Email Body Content

The content of the email has some potential issues. All of the featured products are Disney themed, but given the fact that Marvel is a huge Disney brand (and a big seller for Box Lunch) as well as a heavily featured brand at D23, I would have expected to see some inclusion of Marvel in the email.

The email provides a mix of apparel and accessories for both men and women, however the email seems to over-emphasize women’s products. Given the fact that I have a long purchase history with the company and they know my gender, I would have liked to see an email that was more personalized to products that would be suitable for me.

Creating emails for both genders does double the workload (or triples it if you assume that the company has a list of men, women, and a large group of people who did not provide gender information when they signed up), but it is often worth the extra work.

By simply segmenting by gender, you can improve engagement (i.e. sales), as the products you feature will be more targeted. You could potentially tweak the subject line as well to speak to each segment.

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