Email Analysis – Bose Soundbar 700

Today’s email comes from the folks over at Bose. Bose is a company I would call an infrequent emailer. I don’t see emails from them very often, which isn’t a huge surprise given their limited product line. When a company only has a handful of products, you can burn your email list out really fast by constantly sending out emails for the same few products.

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Subject Line and Visible Text

Honestly, I’m not crazy about the subject line Bose used here. “Get comfy This fall | Enhance your entertainment” doesn’t really tell me anything about what they’re emailing me about. Based on the subject line, I would assume they’d be promoting something like their QuietComfort headphones. The subject line is more problematic when you read the body copy, as the phrase “get comfy this Fall” just doesn’t tie in to the supporting copy.

The email is completely reliant on the teaser visible text to give a clear idea as to what the email is about. The visible text, “A small soundbar addition. A game-changing TV experience”, makes for a perfect example of how to use this area properly. The character count is appropriate so there’s no truncation and the teaser absolutely supports the subject line and the email.

Email Body Content

This is an area where Bose really excels. When you’re selling a high end item, you need to have great visuals and strong copy. The visuals demonstrate the sleekness of the product and the copy pushes the features and reasons to own it while not being pushy in tone. The lack of a featured price makes sense given the fact that it is not on sale. Additionally, adding a “sale price” or using “was/is” pricing for high end products typically only hurts the brand.

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