Email Analysis – Bluehost Reactivation

Today’s email comes from the folks over at Bluehost. As a former customer, Bluehost has sent me a reactivation email to earn my business back.

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Subject Line and Visible Text

Bluehost offers a solid but fairly standard subject line – “A special price to welcome you back.”. The subject line is enticing without giving away the contents of the email. It is clear that they want my business back and that the offer will be a price lower than what I previously paid for hosting.

The visible text is solid as well, reading as follows: “Better tools. Better price. Better hurry back!”. The text supports the subject line and adds a level of urgency to the message.

Email Body Content

The body content looks good and has a ton of messaging and visuals to support the message. The layout and messaging are both clean and easy to digest. The only quibble I have is that I would have liked to see them push the special price harder, especially considering the fact that they decided to lead with price in the subject line. The offer price gets a bit lost, as it is not prominently featured until you reach the end of the email.

That being said, the format they used is very standard from a Direct Response perspective. Direct Response pieces will often ask the reader to digest the content and the “reasons to buy” before pushing price, making this strategy perfectly reasonable and acceptable.

Overall, a very nice little reactivation email from Bluehost.

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